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Q: 1. What is your approach to counselling?

A: My approach to therapy revolves around embracing integration and customization, where I collaboratively tailor each session to meet the specific needs of my clients. I firmly believe that the therapeutic process is a joint venture, and together, we create a safe and nurturing space to explore, learn, and grow.

Each client brings a unique set of experiences, challenges, and strengths to therapy. Understanding this, I work collaboratively with you to identify your specific goals and objectives for therapy. Together, we develop a customized treatment plan that aligns with your needs and values. By being actively involved in the therapeutic process, you are empowered to take ownership of your growth and healing.

Drawing from my diverse background and training, I integrate methods from various therapeutic modalities to craft a holistic and comprehensive approach. These include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Narrative Therapy, and Compassion-focused approaches. By combining the strengths of these modalities, I ensure that our work together encompasses all aspects of your well-being, including thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and belief systems.

Q: What mental health issues/challenges do you help with?

A: I support individuals through Chronic pain/illness/injuries, Stress & burnout, Relationship issues, Behavioural addictions, Grief & loss, Life transitions, Personal growth & Childhood adversities/abuse.

Q: How can counselling help me?

A: Counselling offers a safe and confidential space where you can openly explore your thoughts and feelings. Taking the first step to seek support may appear challenging, but it signifies a courageous move towards healing and improved mental health. Through therapeutic discussions and tailored techniques, you'll gain insights, develop coping strategies and foster personal growth, that will ultimately lead to improved emotional well-being and a deeper understanding of yourself and your life challenges.


Q: How long is a counselling session, and how often should I come?

A: A counselling session typically lasts 50 minutes. At the start of your therapy journey, it's recommended to have sessions every fortnight to three weeks. As you make progress in therapy, session frequency can be adjusted to align with your needs.

Q: How do I schedule an appointment/consultation?

A: Use the Book Now feature to request for a 20 minute complimentary consultation. Alternatively, you can also email me directly,

Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: An invoice is provided at the conclusion of each session, which can be utilized to seek reimbursement from your insurance provider. Direct billing services is offered for FNHA (First Nations Health Authority) and CVAP (Crime Victim Assistance Program) only.

Q: What qualifications and licenses do you hold?

A: I hold a Master's degree in Counseling from Monash University, Australia. Currently, I am a member of the BCACC (British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors) and have previously held the status of an allied member with the SAC (Singapore Association for Counselling).

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