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We all face ups and downs in life. While we do our best & can pick ourselves up in most cases, sometimes we get stuck and the solutions we devise don't work. During these times we need someone to guide us through a process that can help us move past these issues and give us valuable insights into ourselves.​ 


Seeking help might feel daunting at first, yet it is a courageous first step towards healing and better mental health. I believe that you are the expert on your life and have a fair idea of what you need. With me, you will find a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space to explore various possibilities and make the changes for living your optimal life.

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Gayatri Saikia

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Hello! I'm Gia, a passionate and empathetic Registered Clinical Counsellor, dedicated to guiding individuals on their path to healing and personal growth. Based in the vibrant city of Vancouver, I operate a thriving private practice, offering compassionate support to clients facing a diverse array of challenges. In addition, I contribute my expertise to an occupational rehab clinic, assisting clients with work-related injuries on their journey to recovery and restoration.

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220 Brew St.

Port Moody

B.C. V3H 0H6

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"We aren’t just who we are born. We are who we become. We are what life does to us."

Matt Haig

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